Do I have to be in business or a landscaper to purchase sod?
No. We sell sod and other products to the general public.

Do I need to preorder sod?
Yes. We generally require 24 hours notice since we cut the sod to your order specifications on the day it will be delivered.

What varieties of sod do you grow?
We grow Kentucky Bluegrass, our most popular and recommended for full sun exposure, and Tall Fescue which is more shade tolerant.

How does delivery work?
We can generally deliver any amount of sod within the eastern half of Pennsylvania. A nominal delivery charge may be applicable. Call our office for more detailed information on delivery charges for your order.

How soon should I install the sod I purchase?
Install your sod immediately upon receiving it and begin watering within 30 minutes of installation. For more detailed help with installation, check the Installation Guide page on this website.